Survival Book Review: Four Books on Edible Plants

How to find and identify wild edibles and medicinal plants.

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The narrator of this video has four books that he primarily uses to identify wild edibles and medicinal plants. These books are: The Audubon Societies Field Guide to Mushrooms, Wild Roots, The Illustrated Guide to Wild Plants Department of the Army, and The Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants- Eastern, Central and North America.

The Peterson Guide has hand drawn photos that are very descriptive of each plant. This is excellent, as it provides very fine details on how to identify edible verses non-edible plants. There is also a center section that is full of color photos and an index in the back.

Aside from an alphabetical index, this book also has an index that is organized by season, so that you can determine which plants are growing during a specific time of year and where to find them. Peterson was also kind enough to provide an assortment of recipes ranging from salads to stewed greens.

The Illustrated Guide to Edible Wild plants is very similar to the Peterson Guide. It provides you with much of the same information with the only real difference being that it is loaded with color photos.

This book provides you with a specific breakdown of each plant with information regarding appearance, how to identify, uses, name, illustrations and whether or not the plant is poisonous.

The book Wild Roots covers medicinal and edible root tubers. It tells you where to find them, what they are, and how to use them with a seasonal breakdown of each variety.

The Audubon Society Field Guide to Mushrooms is loaded with color images and extremely descriptive information regarding edible mushrooms. It contains seasonal information on habitat and location of each mushroom. This book is particularly important, because it is easy to falsely identify mushrooms (which can result in death).

While all of these books are useful, the narrator has stated that if he had to choose a specific book to take with him in a survival or bug out situation he would take the Peterson book because it covers a wide variety of topics and has the best information to size ratio.

However, he does use the information in each of the books to maintain his survival garden, so while he wouldn’t be able to take all four books with him if he had to leave in a hurry they are all still very useful.

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