How To Make a Wild Hog Trap

magine it’s survival time and you have found tell tale signs of wild hogs. Here is a video that shows how to build a sturdy trap.

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Hog tracking, hunting, and trapping techniques are definitely a useful survival skills to learn. And don’t forget to learn methods of curing and storing meat, otherwise a lot will go to waste. Even if one is not keen on hunting during normal economic times, survivalists like to learn various survival skills that they can use if they ever truly need to.

Here at Survivalist Videos, we have loaded a Two Part video series that provides some excellent footage on how to spot signs of wild hog activity, as well as provide useful tips on where to find their habitats. You will find that under Category: Survival Food , Sub-category: Tracking,.. the titles are “Part One: How to Track a Wild Hog” and “Part Two: How to Track a Wild Hog”.

Heavy Duty Hog Trap in this Video:
Insofar as hog trap designs are concerned, there are plenty of detailed plans with diagrams and instructions to be found online. The trap shown in this video upload is made with metal framing, wire covering for the sides, top, and bottom,  and a similar front trap door.  Given that hogs are very strong animals, this is a wise use of materials for a trap that will last many years. This kind of trap is good for transporting if that is what you wish to do. The panels can be made to come apart and lay flat individually on the bed of a pick up. The total expenditure for the trap shown is about $150 – $200.

A Lower Cost Trap for the Homestead:
Also for consideration, if you don’t want to go to all the trouble building a trap such as the one featured in this video, do some research on “Figure 6 hog trap plans”. These are economical, effective, and especially useful on rural homesteads and farms. It is a pretty neat system. Here are some basics of a Figure 6 Trap:  Build the “6” out of wire horse panels, T-post, and some baling wire. How much of each depends on how big you want to build it. Where the last panel closes/overlaps to make the bottom of the “6”, attach a length of cord to the “open” edge of the panel. Tie the other end of the cord to a partial bag of corn, pull the trap open and bury the bag of corn a couple of feet down in the center of the trap. Pour some corn on top of where this is buried. The hogs will take care of the rest!

If you are interested in other designs, look around online. Adding a book that has instructions on hunting and various types traps to a survival library is a good idea. If there are societal disruptions, online access may be unavailable. Any survivalist that learns how to track, trap, and prepare a hog is going to have a good chance at supplementing their emergency survival food supply. Good information to learn for a possible SHTF economic situation.

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