How To Burglar Proof Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

Ever wonder how burglars usually enter their victim’s homes? Watch this interview with a burglar and find out.

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This is a very informative news report for everybody interested in increasing their home security. WPTV News reporter Kelly Dunn, of West Palm Beach Florida,  interviews a veteran burglar who claims that he has robbed at least 5,000 homes during his “career”.  The interview takes place in jail, as his run of good luck ran out eventually. The question is, what is he going to do when he is turned loose again?

The burglar states that he could hit as many as 10 homes easily in one night. Most of his robberies started by walking through an unlocked sliding glass door. And if he wanted to, sliding glass doors are very easy to break. The tempered safety glass falls rather harmlessly to the ground and floor when shattered, and he can just step right on through. According to the detective mentioned in the news piece,  an astounding 30% of the 200 burglaries in Martin County involved entry through a sliding glass door. Many were simply unlocked.

So, the sliding glass door is the first item to secure. There are lots of products on the market to make it very difficult to dislodge and open the slider from outside. But… if you really want your slider to be secure you need to combine the security feature with an upgrade of the glass. A very cost effective way  to improve the glass is to adhere a security film like those made by 3M or Shatter Safe onto the glass. This will make it extremely difficult for the burglar to enter. The last thing a burglar wants to do is create a lot of noise repeatedly trying to break into the home. With a security security films adhered, they will probably move on to easier prey.

Also, our burglar states that it is important to keep everything locked, and if you must have some windows open, have some sort of way to keep it to 6 inches maximum. Finally, place alarm sensors on your doors and on every window.

Enhancing your home security is dollars well spent for the peace of mind it will provide. It will deter looters if you have to leave during a natural weather evacuation. And if there is some kind of societal emergency that gives rise to temporary WROL, everybody and everything in the household will be much more secure. Watch the video for the rest. There are some more good tips for security that will enhance the security of your home. Home security preparation is an issue that every homeowner and
survivalist should address.

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