Home Security Camera System – DIY Installation

As technology keeps moving forward, so does the quality of home security cameras.

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Security camera system installations in residential applications are becoming more common.

Prices keep going down. User friendliness increases. And the quality of  residential security camera systems are improving by every measure.

In this short, but excellent video, you are taken visually through a typical installation, step by step.

Whatever system you choose to purchase, most systems include common items that require installation decisions. Watching this clip will take the mystery out of installation.

  1. Step One is Planning.Make a layout of your home and desired locations for camera placement. DVR placement too.
  2. Step Two is Coax and Power placement Note camera locations,and run Coax cables from the cameras to the DVR unit. Also power supply.
  3. Step Three is Connecting Connect the Coax cables and power supply to the cameras
  4. Step Four is Mounting Screw the cameras to your walls or ceiling

Continue with the video for a complete visual step by step. You can do this camera installation. If you need help, perhaps  a friend that is good with computers and electronics can assist you.

Be sure to shop around before committing to purchasing a system. Variations in features are commonplace. Take the time to learn what kind of features are available. Motion detection, types of sensors, remote access, automated and timed interval recording, etc.  Be sure to choose a brand whose manufacturer has been in business for a long while. Customer support is important, now and in the future.

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