Hand or Bicycle Crank Generator For Charging a Battery

This is a short demonstration of a very sweet unit that can be used to charge a battery. Hook this unit up to a stationary bicycle, get trim and make some energy for lighting, for storage, whatever. Alternative Energy

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The name of the generator demonstrated is called “Crank-a-Watt(TM) and is manufactured by the company Presto Wind. Go to WWW.Prestowind.com if you want to obtain a unit. A visit to their website is
well worth the effort. They have varied selection of alternative energy generators for sale. Some are hand crank, others are adaptable for wind generation of energy.

I really like the design of this generator. It isn't overly complicated. It is efficient and thus quite inexpensive.
The unit shown is an earlier model, that generates up to 250 watts of energy, which can be directed into a battery that fits within the storage compartment of the unit itself. The generator is a 3 Phase Permanent Magnet Alternator that produces AC power. It looks like they have upgraded the wattage of the units they presently offer on their website,  , and the lowest output of a similar design now produces 400 Watts.

In this particular demonstration, Youtube poster Tim shows just how smooth the unit operates. I am no expert, but with an inverter, it should be easily adaptable to create free energy and charge 12 volt DC batteries. For alternative energy generation, this quite a nice design. A portable and low cost generator survival, emergency situations, for camping,… whatever, check it out!

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