Half-Wave CB Vertical Base Station Antenna Installation

DIY Create a CB Base station on your homestead, and that CB radio in your vehicle can become a dual use communication device.

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In an emergency, Citizens Band radios could be useful as an alternative form of communication. Survivalists that already own CB radios  may be especially interested in this video, as it provides a nice overview of a base station antenna installation.

The popularity of CB radios blossomed in the 70's with the onset of the 55 mile per hour speed limit, as  many truckers and travelers sought to avoid the speed traps laid by enforcement authorities. Although the CB radio has lost much of it's appeal due to advancements in technologies, it is still a viable form of communication that might become especially useful during a  natural disaster or other SHTF scenario.

Our videographer's goal is to erect an antenna with a minimum of 36 feet in height. His design objectives are to enable F layer skip and ground wave skip,.. especially the short Summer skip of about 500-1000 miles. Evidently, the design works out well, as he has even made contact on occasion with Italy, Germany, and Austria, and the Czech Republic.

For specifics on his installation, watch the video. Perhaps a similar rig will enhance the emergency communication options at your homestead, and would be a useful as a part of your survival preparedness plans.

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