Bug Out Trailer

This section will be dedicated to videos and information pertaining to trailers that are suitable for being outfitted for Bug Out survivalist needs, as well as for serving day to day needs, recreational purposes, and sometimes even as permanent homes. All kinds of tow behind trailers will be featured, including some of the lower priced and common tongue hitch type trailers. Trailers will vary in length, width, and height. There will be collapsible camping trailers, as well as regular fixed shell size trailers. We may also include some videos featuring fully enclosed cargo trailers used to store camping/ and or survivalist gear. Large, fully outfitted luxury type RV trailers will be found under the RV section.

A couple of uploads featuring utility and military trailers, customized and designed specifically for emergency survival needs will be featured here.. There will be numerous videos created by campers, hunters, and survivalists demonstrating their trailer set-ups. Some video reviews will address new models of trailers, while others feature reviews of classic, well valued, older models that can be purchased by most any prepper at affordable prices. If the unit can be utilized as a Bug Out Trailer, it will be posted in this section.

Here is a mobile survival cache and camping gear for an extended Bug Out. Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Xtawm36gxc Time: 00:08:38 Category: Vehicles & Transportation » Bug Out Trailer Tags: Bug Out Trailer, gear, sleeping bags, survival, transportation Many survivalists have multiple family members whose needs will have to be met if a scenario requires an extended [...]

A lightweight, heavy duty, easy to maneuver, Extreme survival Bug Out trailer. Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lc43GkE4FAc Time: 00:06:25 Category: Vehicles & Transportation » Bug Out Trailer Tags: Bug Out Trailer, extreme, SHTF, survival, transportation Any person who has ever backed up a long trailer knows how difficult such a trailer is to maneuver in tight areas. [...]

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