Night Vision

This section of tactical gear will feature information and videos related to various types of night vision gear and accessories. Most of the content posted here will pertain to the Gen I, Gen II, and Gen III night vision gear, with a fair amount of focus on Gen II items. Gen 4 gear won’t be addressed much because of it’s high cost. There will be content on gear that meets current military and law enforcement specification, some outdated gear of that type, and some that is designed solely for the civilian market. We will vary to the uploads to include as many types of NV gear as practical.

Videos created by owner/users demonstrating and commenting upon various makes and models of night vision equipment will be posted here, including some professional reviews, and an occasional manufacturer’s product presentation. There will be monoculars and binoculars with NV capabilities featured here. There will be videos featuring head and helmet mounted NV goggles and monoculars also. Numerous videos featuring weapons mountable scopes with NV will be posted. And there will be cameras of various types that also have night vision featured here also.

This is an exceptional, professional quality set of night vision goggles. High end comes at a price. Video URL: Time: 00:11:53 Category: Tactical Gear » Night Vision Tags: ATN NVG-7 CGT, goggles, Night Vision, security, tactical This review is for a set of Gen 2 night vision goggles that have features suitable for professional [...]

Superior performance does not come cheap. This unit is not cheap, and it is superior. Video URL: Time: 00:07:25 Category: Tactical Gear » Night Vision Tags: camera, FLIR, Night Vision, tactical, Thermal This video by FLIR provides an overview of their professional thermal night vision tactical camera. Not too many civilians will opt to [...]

A low cost, entry level night vision monocular manufactured by a trusted name in optics. Video URL: Time: 00:04:32 Category: Tactical Gear » Night Vision Tags: Bushnell Night Watch, emergency, monocular, Night Vision, survival Technology has advanced enough that now most any civilian can afford to buy an entry level  night vision monocular. The [...]

This is a very short video for a night vision goggle worth taking a look at. Video URL: Time: 00:00:52 Category: Tactical Gear » Night Vision Tags: googles, Night Vision, prepper, survivalist, Yukon Digital The Yukon Digital 1 x 24 Night Vision Binocular Goggles are worthy of a consideration by civilians.  We wish there [...]

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