All videos and information in this section will be specifically related sling weapons. There will be numerous videos uploaded which demonstrate in how to make slings. These will feature slings made in a variety of styles, and chosen to demonstrate the use of different kinds of materials. There will be sling cords made of leather, polyester, woven and braided materials, and the same too for sling pouches. Many slings featured will be variations of the traditional “Shepherd sling” design, but there will be a posting on a “staff slings” also. Videos of actual owner/users displaying and commenting upon their slings will be posted.

Numerous videos providing tips and demonstrating techniques for using sling weapons will be uploaded. For the shepherds sling variety, there will be content demonstrating the overhand style of hurling projectiles, as well as the sidearm throw technique. There will be content on choosing stones as ammunition for sling weapons, and even an upload on how to make celtic/roman style sling ammunition out of clay. There will be a couple of uploads discussing the use of slings in history, including displays of actual examples of ancient sling ammunition, including stones, clay, and cast lead sling ammunition.

The whip of a rock sling is awesome. Goliath may not be around anymore, but practice can still be fun. Video URL: Time: 00:08:35 Category: Self Defense & Weapons » Slings Tags: ammunition, bullets, emergency, hunting, rock sling, Sling, survival Become proficient at using a rock sling and ammunition will never be a problem. [...]

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