In this sub-section of food storage, video content will include innovative means of refrigeration, as well as more traditional forms. Videos that provide important tips of food preservation within an existing refrigerator will be uploaded. We may feature some user product reviews of refrigerators that are particularly energy efficient. Videos demonstrating DC powered refrigeration as well as propane powered refrigeration units will be posted. Reviews of various containers and bags which are designed to extend food life and freshness will be posted here. Videos reviewing and demonstrating some models of portable refrigeration units will be posted too.

We will feature some innovative methods of refrigeration that that use very low energy, such as evaporative refrigeration. Some videos showing users that have adapted alternative and off-grid power sources like solar or wind to power their refrigeration units will be posted. Videos featuring the use of the ancient Zeer pot refrigeration system are posted here. They require no energy input whatsoever, and they are an easy DIY refrigeration project. If you have an interesting video to suggest, or comments related to refrigeration, please visit the “Upload & Share” section of this website and share with us so that others may benefit from your discoveries and ideas.

Here is a DIY non-electric, refrigeration that works on evaporation Video URL: Time: 00:09:15 Category: Food Storage » Refrigeration Tags: evaporative, food, off grid, refrigeration, storage, survival For those who are familiar with swamp coolers, this will be a no brainer. This inventor has come up with what is apparently his second design for [...]

The Pot In The Pot Evaporative Cooler – For over 4,500 years, this simple, all natural refrigeration can chill down to mid-40 degrees. Video URL: Time: 00:06:25 Category: Food Storage » Refrigeration Tags: evaporative, food, refrigeration, storage, Zeer Pot The reintroduction of this refrigeration is helping farmers and householders with their refrigeration needs in [...]

If you have never seen a Zeer Pot, keep in mind that this is a proven technology used over 4,500 years ago in Egypt! Video URL: Time: 00:05:37 Category: Food Storage » Refrigeration Tags: evaporative, food, off grid, refrigeration, storage, survival Zeer pots have a long recorded history. They are still used today in [...]

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